Guatemala Educators Tour


Are you an educator/teacher interested in global issues? Are you shaping your students to become global citizens? Participate in a trip that will help you learn about global poverty firsthand.

Bring to life stories of hope that will help to develop and strengthen lesson plans. Areas of learning include food security, small-scale agriculture, techniques for teaching global issues, preventative health programs, different models of development, Village Savings and Loans (VSL) sustainable development goals and global citizenship.

Visit a variety of World Renew development projects, engage with small-scale farmers and health practitioners, expand your knowledge and understanding of sustainable development and resilience, and gain awareness of the livelihoods in rural communities in Guatemala.

Program: Global Volunteer

Location: Guatemala

Type: Intergenerational group

Length of opportunity: Less than 2 Weeks

Skillset needed: None

DATES: August 1 - August 9, 2019

SIZE OF TOUR: 6-8 People

The team will be led by an experienced high school and university educator with 40 years of experience. Our time together will help shape and enrich the ways you enhance your students’ global learning, as you gain a deeper understanding of the concerns, issues, joys and sorrows faced by communities in the developing world, the incredible resilience of the people, and the thoughtful ways in which development agencies like World Renew walk alongside families and communities.

Your activities for the week will include visiting local communities; meeting partner representatives and other actors in the area of poverty and development; through observation, conversation and eating together, learning on the ground how and why transformational community development works; experiencing communities at various levels of development; and, a whole lot of discussion about what we’re seeing.


Transformational Community Development. As a team you will work through World Renew’s pre-trip study guide. The study guide will introduce you to the ways in which World Renew builds a foundation of sustainability using our process of  “Seven Dimensions of Transformation”. This resource will prepare you for learning about and experiencing transformation while you are in Guatemala, and contextualize the development experience.

History. We will learn about the history of brave and resilient Guatemala.

  • Indigenous society (to 1521):
  • Conquest, 1524
  • Colonial Era, 1524 – 1821
  • Independence, 1821
  • Post-Independence: time and issues

World Renew. Before we go out, our team will meet with World Renew’s staff in Guatemala and be orientated to the work of  World Renew and their partners in Guatemala. (A member of) World Renew’s staff will then remain with us throughout the trip to assist in our learning and growth.

Guatemalan Culture. During our time in Guatemala we will  experience the vibrancy of Guatemalan culture first hand as we visit World Renew’s sites, explore Guatemala City and surrounding areas, learn from community members, worship with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters in Christ.


  • We will worship with and encourage our Guatemalan brothers and sisters at a church service.
  • We will visit important historical sites.
  • We will experience Guatemala's natural beauty as we drive and hike through winding mountain passages,
  • We will have the opportunity to relax (and shop in local markets) and debrief at the our end of trip.

COST: $2300 USD/ $2800 CDN

Pre-field costs: 

  • $1100 Est. airfare from an international airport (subject to change to reflect actual cost of airfare)
  • Additional costs for Trip Protection Insurance (est. cost subject to change to reflect actual cost), Office Support (printing, postage etc.) and GVP Support Fees.

Basic in-country costs: 

  • $1200 (this includes lodging, food, translator, and transportation.)
  • **Funding may be available. Please indicate on your form if you require a scholarship.


"The Guatemala Educators Tour was a life-changing experience. It was thought-provoking, inspiring, and challenging. Seeing the resiliency of the Guatemalan people and their unwavering faith through adversity motivated me to strengthen my own spiritual journey. The tour gave me an in depth exposure to community development and what that looks like locally as well as globally. I highly recommend this adventure to any Christian educators who desire to broaden their global perspective." - Janet

"World Renew Educators Tour was well beyond my expectations. Guatemala and its people are beautiful and inspiring. It was 10 days of intense learning and growth, professionally and personally. A truly transformative experience. Thank you, World Renew." - Lisa

"This trip was better than expected. The opportunity to learn from other people was immensely valuable and I will use much of what I saw in my classroom. I have always believed that we in the Western World have much to learn from those in different situations than us. This trip provided an opportunity to see and learn unique ways of implementing development strategies in local communities. It was a reminder that we don't know everything, and that everybody has skills and resources to bring to the table. This trip was such a unique opportunity and I would highly recommend it to any educator." - Scott

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