Bible Translations — NIV2011?


Can anyone tell me whether the CRCNA has completed a review or study of the NIV2011?

I have looked in the last few Synod Agendas, but have not found anything.

If such a study exists, could you please direct me to it, or send me a link? 


Much apprecaited

Dave Groenenboom

Gateway Community Church (CRC-Aus)

Perth, Australia

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Hi Dave, I passed your question along to Paul Faber, an editor at Faith Alive. He edits the Acts of Synod every year so he is up to speed on questions like this. Here's what Paul said:   The CRCNA has not conducted a study specifically on the 2011 NIV, but it may do so in the next year or two or three. It would probably take an overture or a recommendation from the BOT to get a study committee started. Synod did approve use of the TNIV soon after it came out (see Acts of Synod 2006, p. 651), and it approved the 1984 NIV many years ago. The TNIV is no longer in print, and its publisher (Zondervan) has basically replaced it (and the 1984 NIV) with the 2011 NIV. A comparison of the differences between these versions is carefully cataloged at, showing that most of the changes are relatively minor. Hope this helps! 

Thanks Jolanda, much appreciated!

I've come across the following review which appears to be fairly comprehensive:


“An Evaluation of the 2011 Edition of the New International Version”, by Rodney J. Decker in Themelios vol 36 issue 3 November 2011


I serve on the Denominational Translation Review committee and we have not reviewed the 2011 NIV.

Generally, we don't do that unless a classis overtures for a translation to be reviewed and that has not happened (yet) in this case.

Another reality is that the Denominational Translation Review Committee is not really a standing committee, but was more of an ad hoc committee under the supervision of CRC Publications.

My guess is that no one has yet thought about where any new Translation Review work would be housed. Probably in the Denominational Board of Trustees.

Another question is whether the 2011 NIV would need a special review. Since the earlier NIV and the TNIV have both been studied and approved, and the 2011 NIV runs pretty close to the 1984 edition of the NIV, and even closer to the TNIV, it may be just assumed that it's approved.

That would be my opinion, for what it's worth.

Thomas Niehof
Ames, Iowa