When Are Worship Services Held at Your Church?


Did you catch the lively debate that took place at Synod 2019 on the topic of churches "ordinarily" holding a second Sunday service? If you missed it, check out the CRC News story below. 

The passion behind the conversation sparked my curiosity. Clearly there is something behind this.

When are worship services held at your church? Is there intentionality behind the times chosen? What factors come into play? 

I'd love to hear from you!

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The Montreal CRC stopped holding an evening service in the 1990s.  Attendance was low, so for awhile we held a sort of Bible study in the Fellowship Hall with prayer and singing, but people who didn't come to these complained that they preferred the traditional services, except that when we had those they didn't show up.  So Council decided to cancel the evening service in the 1990s. I can't say more precisely because I was not living in Montreal at the time.  I was living in another city where I was working on a B.A. at the local university.  The clerk could probably tell you the date when the decision was made.

Evening services at Cornerstone CRC in Chilliwack wre canceled some three years ago and replaced by small group Bible studies.  The topics of these studies were connected with the morning services and invited participants to go deeper.  Participation small group ministry grew and more people attended these studies than typically attended evening service.  It will require a real effort by church council and small group ministry leaders to sustain this response.  Prior to second service cancellation it was, at times, difficult to get enough office bearers to ensure that a legitimate service was possible.  Perhaps one of the reasons for lack of attendance is that families are much more scattered that 50 years ago and Sundays is a often still one of the only days families are able to get together.  With families living farther apart travel might well prevent them from being able to attend two services.