CRCNA Affiliation With International Needs Canada?


I'm wondering if the CRCNA has any affiliation with International Needs Canada? We have had requests to include International Needs on our offering schedule, but it seems to me that they do much the same kind of work as World Renew. Should we support another Christian community development agency other than World Renew?

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International Needs is an organization that does similar work to World Renew.  So that is why they are not on the list of accredited non-denominational agencies for churches to include on their offering list.  See the attached website link for the list of agencies that are:

World Renew continues to be internationally renowned for the quality of its disaster response programs and has the unique approach of working intentionally with local churches to make an impact in their communities and ensure a holistic approach.  It is worth noting that MoneySense magazine rated World Renew as one of the top 10 International charities of choice for 2019 people to donate to.  Many Christian international development agencies replace or displace local churches instead of strengthening their capacity and presence to be a sustainable ministry long after the agencies and their programs have left.  World Renew feels strongly that God's presence is most powerfully felt when the church has an active role in nurturing faith in integrated ways with all the community development programs that are done.

Given all this, why would CRC congregations want to invest in other development agencies that do similar work to World Renew?

Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo, World Renew Director (Canada) 

A good place to start researching your decision (and decisions like this one) would be   I'd suggest you download the 2 documents under "Guidelines for Preparing an Offering Schedule".

(Let us know if these tools are helpful.)

Also, have a look at:

Organizations on this list have been reviewed and approved by the annual synod of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  Some primary requirements for receiving accreditation with the CRCNA include:

That the agency not duplicate a ministry that is being performed by a CRCNA agency.

That the agency soliciting the CRC for support is closely related to the CRC's integral work (works of mercy, of Christian education, or the distribution of the Word of God.)

That the agency is closely allied with CRC ecclesiastical task and can be recommended to the entire denomination for support.

Thanks for the reply.

My preference is to put our support behind World Renew. I downloaded those DMC resources before I posted (hoping they will assist us in our discussions). 

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