Taming the Pounce


Making meetings safer


A young person expresses an opinion, idea, or wish that's a little edgy or goofy or scary. An adult pounces on it to make sure it gets "fixed" before it goes too far.
A spouse expresses some dissatisfaction. The response is a defensive pounce intended to stop that line of thinking in its tracks.
A pastor says something controversial in a sermon. A member pounces after the service - too controversial, heretical, potentially divisive.
A deacon floats an idea in a meeting - maybe there is an opportunity to do something quite different. From across the table someone pounces – won’t work!

THE POUNCE. I'm good at it. And mine are always carefully considered, thoughtful, affirming -- yet not..... quite.... affirming.
What if we could tame the pounce - create space for a dialog that explores new ideas. Really listen, seek to understand, unpack and explore, and let the ideas flow....
See, the thing is, it's ALWAYS the slightly edgy, scary, uncomfortable idea that is the seed of change.
Can we create "safe space" in meetings, in conversations? can we protect each other from Pounces?
Then we can have genuine dialog; we can engage new ideas, explore, affirm each other. Love each other instead of fearing....
and Deacons are the "edgiest" of the office bearers.... The Spirit is blowing. is it safe to inhale?

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