Top 6 Reasons Why It's Good to be a Deacon NOW


What would YOU add to this list of reasons why right now is a prime time to be called to the office of deacon?

Top 6 Reasons Why It’s Good to be a Deacon NOW.

  1. Jesus defined his role as one who serves.  This tradition of service marks the office of deacon.  What better role could we have than one that shapes our lives toward Jesus?  As interest in spiritual formation and discipleship grows, deacons can model spiritual disciplines in powerful ways.  Develop an accountability partnership with one fellow deacon to focus on your spiritual journey while a deacon.
  2. A synodically initiated task force is now at work to review and re-invent the office of deacon in the denomination.  What an opportunity for deacons to be change agents at the denominational level, the classical level, as well as the congregational level.  Use this Deacon Network to weigh in on diaconal issues you care about.
  3. Young people as never before are looking for authentic expressions of faith that link belief to hands-on practical service in the world.  Deacons have an opportunity to witness powerfully to the young people who are looking to the church to see if there is any spiritual vitality there.  Ask for an opportunity to meet with your high school Sunday School class once per quarter.  Talk about your job as deacon.
  4. Deacons are strategic leaders when the church in NA is facing the challenge of how to help folks when jobs are scarce and foreclosures are still running high.  Call a couple of neighboring churches and find out what they are doing, and what you might do together.  Report back.
  5. Deacons can look to the Elders for support, and can give leadership to elders seeking to counsel people in need.  This is a way to open the door to new partnerships with Elders in search of fresh approaches.  Find one elder who will read this posting with you; discuss.
  6. There is a hunger among young church attenders for mentoring from caring, experienced veterans of the Jesus-life.   Deacons are in an especially appropriate place for developing mentoring relationships with young people.  Build a 1:1 relationship with one person.
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