When is your church's fiscal year?


Our church is considering changing the fiscal year from a calander year to one that will coinside with other turnovers within the church, ie; election of officers, school year, ect.

  How has your church established it's fiscal year?  What are the pros and cons?  Why do you have it this way?

We would appreciate any comments or information.

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I have to believe almost all churches are on a calendar year. I don't see any advantage to changing it. It would be some what of a reconcliling  hassle for the treasurer- to me simple is usually best...


My church is on a September to August fiscal year.

On the positive side, most of our ministry program changes are implemented in the fall. So this allows us to budget for a full 'ministry year'.

On the downside, it makes for a lot of budget meetings in the summer. As I discovered when I got on council :-)