My Father’s I Corinthians 13


Mark and Betty Aukeman have been married for many years. Their daughter Nancy wrote this paraphrase as a gift to her dad on his 90th birthday in celebration of his love for Betty as her memory has declined. 

If I speak eloquently to my wife

and buy her a dozen roses, but

don’t honor my marriage vows,

then it is all just fluff.

If I am brilliant and have a deep faith, but

I don’t love her,

then I am not keeping my promises to her.

Love is patient when my wife forgets things,

and must be reminded that she’s already had breakfast.

Love does not seek its own interest first

but sees my wife’s needs above my own.

Love protects my wife as her body and mind

are slowing down, and perseveres

in caring for her day by day.

Love is not rude, and takes into consideration that

my wife is doing the best that she can.

Love is tender as my wife becomes more and more

dependent upon me.

As we enter this final chapter of our lives just

The most important things really matter at all:

Faith, hope and love.

And my love for my wife goes on forever. . . .

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What a beautiful picture of love! Thanks for sharing. 

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Thanks for posting Mark.  Were all marriages reflective of this perspective, divorce wouldn't happen.


Doug, Yes, and though it's not said in this paraphrase, Mark's and Betty's love for each other springs from the love both of them know in Jesus Christ. 

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 Very well said.