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I was declared disabled and mentally affected in 1992, when the Internet was installed in our family home. I have this unusual sensitivity to all electronic devices, such as computers, WiFi and the internet, cell phones, digital boxes, televisions, satellite access, IPads, and more. I get a horrible headache which then translates into a form of epileptic seizure. I don’t fall. I just go nuts. I yell because I have no idea where I am. Then I become uncontrollable and I don’t make sense. 

I was recently examined and informed that these high frequencies enter through my eyes, affect the retina, then jumble up my brain cells. Soon after I began wearing sunglasses wherever I went. That really helped. However, I still can’t form a decent sentence even if a cell phone is in the pocket of someone I’m near. I can still sense the frequencies. 

I cannot join groups in my church. I have to sit in the back, close to the outside door, or I get sick. I have asked a million times for people to turn off their cell phones before they enter the sanctuary, yet they refuse. Tell me, why on earth do you need your cell phone in a church? You can use the Bible in book form or just leave your phone in your car. I can understand if you need it for emergencies. Although, even then, if you expect an emergency, what are you doing at church in the first place? A doctor, ok. But not all 140 people.

Please make people aware that although I do not have a peanut allergy, I do exist and would love to take part in a church.

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Thank you for taking the time to educate me on something I was not aware of. 

You are important, and I hope all of us as the church continue to learn and make space for everyone. 

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Wow!  I hadn't heard of that one yet.  Although no disability is ever convenient, that one would take the cake for inconvenience.  Sorry, but I can't talk to the members of your congregation.  Have you asked the Regional Advocate of your classis or if your church has one, your church advocate to speak to them about it?

It cannot be explained how painful time was for you when declared disabled and mentally affected in 1992 due to internet technology and you got unusual sensitivity to all electronic devices. And thanks for writing about your physical illness and strange sensitivity that will help other to identify the problem if feeling same sensation as you.


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People are selfish. I guess the reason they don't want to turn off their phones is because having inactive phone makes them feel important. I hope that your church does not also use a computer and projector because if so, even if people turned their phones off, that technology would still affect you. Our church does.

It may have been unusual in 1992 but the population of those growing sensitive or developing illnesses due to EMF emitting devices is growing and so is the research trying to explain what kind of damage is happening to our minds, bodies and the environment. Please check out for current science on the subject of wireless technology. You are not alone, I no longer go to church now too. I suffered with severe migraines with nausea and now that I take precautions and hardwired my home they have disappeared with only minor irritations in my head that increase as my exposure to EMF radiation increases. It is one of the most seductive, very useful, controversial and misunderstood hazards of our time. Email me if you need support [email protected], this is a very lonely journey.