I'm concerned that the video introducing "network" didn't mention anything about confidentiality. I hope that most people have a sense that what is posted online here is out in the open for the world to see, but one doesn't need to spend much time on other social networking sites to know that judgment in this area is easily impaired. The first thing I think of when thinking of what a support network of fellow elders could provide, it is advice for difficult situations. However, since my posting identifies me and my church, it wouldn't take long for on-lookers who know me to put two and two together to know which member's personal story I'm airing on the web. Is there a good way to address the issue of confidentiality, while still making this site useful for such sensitive situations?

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Great reminder, Noah. These are open forums and so elders (and others) need to maintain confidentiality here just as in other venues. If you ever see something that's questionable, hit the "flag as inappropriate" button and it will be immediately removed and queued for review.


Thanks for the concern.

I agree that confidentiality needs to be maintained. And it is true that particular difficult situations which could potentially be identified would not be appropriate for this forum. How to handle this and still talk?

First, let me suggest that most situations have a lot in common with many others situations. We can engage in some conversation about general areas of concern. While everyone likes to think of their situation as unique, fact is that it has much more in common with others than they imagine. So lets talk about some pastoral concerns.

Second, if there is something particular you wish to talk about but are unsure, send me an email. I can change identifiers, raise the concern under my name and let the conversation flow without it being directly related to a contributer in the forum. This way some distance can be maintained.

thanks once again. Neil


Your right about confidentialy, You could present the problem as scenario so people are protected. It;s sad that we don;t feel safe with each other, but not everything can be exposed. Thanks Noah