Let's Change the Narrative


The needs for people that are homeless and suffering from addiction continue to rise.

During COVID we found it hard to minister to people in need (we do a number of events during the year designed to help those in need). As my Church keeps supporting me in so many ways, all churches here in PEI have some sort of outreach, which is great.

But I feel we have to change our way of thinking to change the narrative. The things we are doing to support people in there times of need, we won't stop that.  

But I am asking the Charlottetown CRC and area churches to join me to find ways that we can change lives. If you look at the big picture its overwhelming, but look at each life one at a time let's start there. With trusting in the Lord and lots of prayer, we can change lives.


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Hi, It was my hope somebody would comment on there outreach in there Church. I think in this time of covid we have to find new ways to reach those in need. I would Love to discuss this topic. When Jesus said Love your neighbor, neighbor isn't defined by name or address, its defined by need. I wonder who Jesus is calling us to Love. Blessings to you all

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This is a great topic! Diaconal Ministries Canada has a number of resources, in case you haven't seen them: https://diaconalministries.com/


We (World Renew, Diaconal Ministries Canada) very much agree that COVID is presenting such an important opportunity for churches to grow in new ways.

Thanks for responding, we will look at that. I love the CRC, I haven't talked to anyone who didn't have a huge heart. I believe our ministry work gives people who has a desire to serve, do that. Thanks again Wendy