Instagramming the Gospel


It’s easy to be critical of social media, especially when we see groups of people at dinner all staring at their phones. It’s particularly easy to be critical of the person using their phone in church. Are they checking Facebook instead of listening to the sermon? Possibly.

But for many people technology enhances the experience of church. Imagine all of the ways a smart phone can be utilized in worship:

They might be using a bible app, reading the text in multiple translations.
They might be taking notes or setting reminders to return to this text later in the week.
They might be recording a quote to contemplate later or to share it with a friend.

God is involved in all things; technology is not an exception. Check out this story of how one church uses instagram to collect and compile memories from their student mission trip.

To wade further into the conversation about technology and faith, check out Keith Anderson’s new book, Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World.

How can your community use technology creatively?

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Thanks for sharing this, Libby! This article about the church allowing kids to use social media was really interesting. I especially liked this line: Today’s youth are online – this is where they form relationships, tell their stories and live a significant portion of their lives, including their faith lives. It's a great idea to meet youth where they already are! 

Elizabeth Drescher says that "social media is the landscape of communication."

We can grow in faith through social media in the same way that we grow through school, work, and family.