Every Reformed Ministry Leader Would be Blessed by Attending this Conference


Every September I experience the following:   

  • Delight when I gather with my family for a picture in the pumpkin patch.
  • Astonishment when I discover snowsuits for sale at Costco.
  • Anticipation as I register to attend one of my favorite conferences for faith formation leaders.

Chances are you’ve also experienced the fun of being corralled into a photo with the people you love and the shock of seeing next season’s clothes for sale when the current season has just begun, but I’m willing to wager that you haven’t experienced the excitement of selecting workshops for the Association for Presbyterian Church Educators’ Annual Event, a faith formation conference designed specifically for both paid and volunteer Reformed ministry leaders.

In fact, unless you read the post I wrote about this gathering last year, it’s likely that you’ve never even heard of this event. And I get that. The name “Annual Event” doesn’t have me running outside shouting “Start the car!” either. What has me packing my bags each February is the conference content and the opportunity to connect with hundreds of other Reformed ministry leaders to be encouraged and equipped for another year of ministry.

Here’s some of what I’m looking forward to at the 2019 event:  

  • John Roberto’s pre-event workshop “Welcome to the 2020s: Envisioning the Future of Faith Formation”
  • plenary sessions on
    • the role worship plays in faith formation.
    • how participating in mission and service shapes faith.
    • the changing language of faith formation and Christian education.
    • intergenerational faith formation.
  • the opportunity to experience a different "style" of worship each day with event music leader Hugh Donnelly.
  • over 70 ministry-leader-led workshops on faith formation topics.
  • a marketplace where I get to pick up and peruse the latest and best ministry resources.
  • mealtime conversations with ministry leaders from a variety of contexts.
  • salt spray and sunshine (have I mentioned that we’ll be gathering in Galveston, Texas?).
  • and more!

Every ministry leader in your church would be blessed by attending this conference.

Intrigued? Check out the information and images in this conference e-newsletter and visit the event website here.

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Karen, are other members of the CRCNA Faith Formation Ministry going? I noticed that there are regional meetings? Do you join a region or do any CRC people get together themselves? Just curious. I'm thinking about maybe asking my church for funds to go as I'm the leader of the Faith Formation Ministry.

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Hi Angela,

I'm going from Faith Formation Ministries and we are hoping we will be able to send at least one other team member as well.

The Regional Gatherings happen over a dinner (included in your registration) during which each geographic area meets over a meal to connect with other faith formation leaders (or, as they are called in the Presbyterian denomination, church educators) and to learn about learning opportunities in that area. The CRCNA used to meet during that time (I believe the RCA  and the other denominational partners who attend do) but we don't have the funding to do that anymore so I always join in with my region.

I believe the Canada is one region---so if you attend we can enjoy that meal together:) 

If you are able to go a day early, I cannot recommend the pre-event with John Roberto enough. He is awesome and a highlight of any event where he is speaking. 

Feel free to email me if you'd like more information or to let me know if you can go so we can connect:  [email protected]