Faith as Power?

Dear CRC Network, my question simply is, “Is faith a power?”

Growing up Reformed, "faith" was a trust, commitment, leaning on Jesus, belief, assent in action...“faith means receiving something, not doing something or even being something...” (J. Gresham Machen, What is Faith? 173)

HOWEVER, I keep running into charismatics who call faith a power, releasing the kingdom. Their conception of faith seems to be different. Or, are they talking about a different kind of faith, "saving faith" versus faith of some other type? How would you respond to them? Is faith a power? What is the biblical evidence? Can we release the kingdom?

I've struggled to make sense of "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, tell this mountain to be cast into the sea." I have heard it that it doesn't matter the quantity of your faith, but the object of your faith (God), and so even such a small amount of faith can do great things. But I can't quite seem to get around the quantity aspect. Is faith a power? Can you help shed any light? 

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Hi Gillian, 

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