"I Am the Way" John 14:6


"I am the Way." John 14:6

Yes, Jesus is the Way to heaven and our final home! By his life and then his death on the cross, He has bridged the gap between God who is holy, holy, holy, and all of us who are stained with sin. Sin always separates. 

Years ago, Upper Michigan and Lower Michigan were separated by about 5 miles of water. In 1957, after four years of work by up to 10,000 men, the Mackinaw Bridge was completed. The center suspension alone is 3,800 feet long and 155 feet above water. Books have been written to tell the story.

But a far greater gap was bridged by the Way! The disobedience and fall of Adam and Eve in Paradise caused a huge gap between a holy God and sinful people. We do not need to give this road a number because there is no number two. He is the only Way, as it says in Acts:12, "salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." He is the "new and living Way," according to Hebrews 10:20.  

The Mackinaw Bridge was expensive, but to build the Way cost the priceless blood of the Lamb without spot. For us it is a freeway, but it cost Jesus excruciating heartbreak, agony, pain, and suffering! All who travel this Way have the Holy Spirit as their Guide, the holy Scriptures as their daily food, and fellow believers as their friends. 

Yes, Jesus is the Way to heaven and our final home!

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