One Simple Way to Bless Your Congregation on Reformation Day (and Beyond)


Kids have a knack for dropping bombshell questions on parents when they’re least likely to expect them and when they’re most likely to be driving. In our family that’s meant deep conversations on a wide variety of topics while caught in traffic jams or traveling down the highway. And it was on just such an excursion that these two questions were lobbed my way:

“What’s the difference between our church and other churches? Like, what exactly do Christian Reformed people believe?”

I don’t know how you would have responded to those questions but I can tell you that this Christian school educated, Dordt College graduated, CRC mama found it easier to keep navigating her three-point turn than to articulate a response that day.  

Perhaps you’ve been asked similar questions. They may have come up in a conversation with a family member, a friend, a colleague, or your neighbor. Maybe you’ve been wondering the same thing yourself.

Faith Formation Ministries, creators of the popular Ten Ways tools, recently developed an easy to read, one-page tool titled Ten Ways My Reformed Identity Shapes My Life. It’s something I could have used that day in the car with my kids and I’ve also found it to be a helpful way for me to think more deeply about what I believe and why I belong to the CRC.

I plan to read through it with my teen and young adults kids. I could also see using it with a small group (considering each one of the ten ways over a series of weeks), walking through it in a new members class (inviting in guests to share their stories when possible), including it as part of a catechism class, making it available at a church welcome table and posting it on the church website.

This fall we’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I can’t think of a better Sunday take-home gift for everyone in your congregation than a copy of Ten Ways My Reformed Identity Shapes My Faith.

Download and print as many copies as you like. Or if you prefer colored cardstock editions, order them for a small fee from Faith Alive Resources.  

We’d love to hear how you use this tool. Contact us at

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