Is There Much About the Cross in the Gospel of John?


Many years ago, Evangelist Vern Haas said, "There is something about the cross (of Jesus) in every chapter of the book of John." That sent me on a search. I went through the book of John and placed a little sign of the cross in the margin of my Bible wherever I found a reference or allusion to the cross. I found 26 references or allusions to the cross, at least one in every chapter, except chapter 21 which is the last one.

For example, in chapter one, John the Baptist looked at Jesus and said to his followers, "Look! The Lamb of God." The perfect, spotless, Lamb of God was marked for slaughter (on the cross) before the creation of the world (Revelation 13:8). His extremely difficult work is to take away the sin of the world (and all of its consequences). The Lamb had the cross on his mind from the beginning. He moved steadily toward it throughout his life (Luke 9:51).

Was Vern correct? Is there a reference or allusion to the cross in every chapter of the book of John? Why not find out for yourself?

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I may just have to take you up on this challenge! Thanks for sharing, Lloyd. 

Hi Staci - Wondering what you found. LW