Business as Mission: Christians Address Poverty From a Business Angle


Guest blog by Greg Elzinga

Is a Christian's calling to business as important and sacred as one's calling to be a pastor or a missionary? Can business really be one of the leading spheres of society where the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be lived out on a daily basis? What role does business play in advancing God's Kingdom?

400 Christian business and ministry leaders recently gathered together in Grand Rapids around a shared interest in Business as Mission and the role business plays in the fight against global poverty. More and more Christians are embracing the belief that business is an outstanding Christian calling and God has uniquely gifted some people to be successful in business as part of bringing shalom and reconciliation to a hurting world.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with Christian business people around the world who view their role in business as their primary area of influence for both spiritual and economic transformation. The Business as Mission movement may mean different things to Christians but few people argue the belief that the global marketplace can be the arena where God is and will continue to transform lives both economically and spiritually. 

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Yes, it takes money to improve lives globally. Food, shelter, clothing are universal needs for all people. Providing the means for people to meet these needs requires them to be able to generate money for provisions.