Community Transformation in Turkana


This 10-minute DVD tells the story of two clinics built in Kenya with the help of Canadians. One failed, one succeeded. Explore the different approaches with these follow up questions:

What are some of the events that you remember seeing in the video?

What was the woman’s hope at the beginning of the video?

How did the man towards the end of the video describe the Canadians?

Put yourself in the place of persons who made donations to the project in Turkana over the years.  How would you feel when . . .

  • The first clinic was built and was operating?
  • The functioning of the clinic collapsed after the missionaries left?
  • Plans for the second clinic moved along very slowly?
  • You received stories of women in the savings and loan project making extra money for their families?
  • When the second clinic was finally finished?

How would you compare the difference between the first clinic and the approach to the second clinic?

Why did the people in Kenya seem to have more ownership over the second clinic? What role did missionaries/staff have in the first clinic vs. the second clinic?

From a church perspective, do you think the first or the second clinic was easier? More effective?

How has this video changed your perspective on the role of donors and missionaries on transforming communities overseas?

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