Concept of a Global Missions' Agency


This is copied from the CRC News of March 17, 2010: "In addition, the BOT in February agreed to engage in a conversation with agency and agency board representatives about the concept of a global missions' agency that would build on the collaboration that is already occurring among CRCNA mission agencies. 'This will be a conversation of a concept. We have no idea where it will lead,' said Dykstra. 'To me this could be the most exciting and productive initiative for the CRCNA in the last 65 years! If it leads to where I hope and pray it will, we might finally get Word and Deed 'together again'" (the title of Rog Greenway's book of years ago).

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Mike, I am so but so encouraged to see you rejoin this conversation in where it went as whatever you want to call it: Dan, what handle do you put on" Business as Mission"?  I don't remember; would it be" Business as business for Christians"?). Welcome back after a couple months away, Mike.  Very much to the point.... of where this was going.

Forgive me if I steer some people away from this to what I got heavily involved in when CRWRC sent out its survey about a "possible name change."  There is always much more behind something like that: sure, "marketing" but "brand recogniton" isn't the whole story either, I'm certain.  So next I copy a little piece of my last Aug 26 entry:

If anyone reading this blog/forum has insights into matters related to what I started with at the top (that Conversation about a Concept of a Global Missions agency) etc.   Well, maybe you saw - otherwise I ask - you to see the NEW blog posting, on this same Global Missions site/link? - entitled: Together Again? Word and Deed.  Please visit/comment some of the incoming responses.  From my career perspective, this is a major moment for the CRCNA and her agencies; more importantly, for her minsitry.

As to the present topic, do carry on.  I support you, even when for time and perhaps expertise I won't be contirubting much!

Mike, Please contact me via email  [email protected]  then we can also exchange phone numbers and chat.

You are right on target with what you say, especially about business partnerships in Nigeria (or Ethiopia).  They need to be real partnerships--pursuing real businesses with best practices--and both sides of the partnership need to be engaged with the 7 key parts to running a good business.  Product R&D, HR, Financial management, Capital development, Marketing & Sales, Product manufacture and distribution, and Supply Chain management (IT has become an 8th essential key part)--with a diligent eye on Return on Investment.  

The weakness in Parnters world wide, in my opinion is that it seeks to support Christian business people without becoming stake holders in the process--and not really expecting much in return.  Real business does not function that way, and real business works really well when a team with a vested interest is seeing that all 7 key parts of a business funciton at a high level.  

We in the west have three things to offer our partners in developing country--1) Our Christian heart to do business for His kingdom and not simply our own profit.  This also affects our ethics.  2) Our technological advantages--including our business acumen (knowledge of how the 7 keys work to make great businesses) that can be joined with theirs--which is often incredible.  3) Capital resources---while I agree with Mike---that the in country business people need to be invested  in the project with their funds---poverty is the absence of money--capital---We need to create Christian venture capital companies that can tap into our wealthy--recession beat up--investors in the U.S. and cause huge capital flows to well run businesses in developing countries.