Finding Water in Ulungu


This video explores a successful partnership between a community in Kenya and Classis Quinte. Running time: 8:30 minutes.

Explore global partnership concepts with these follow up questions:

  1. What was the original project that Quinte was considering? What did they end up doing?
  2. What stood out to you about the process?
  3. How might things have turned out differently if the Quinte congregations would have gone ahead with the initial idea to build an orphanage?  
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of building an orphanage and caring for children there, versus children being taken into extended families and cared for there?  What needs to be in place for either system to work well?  Think long and short-term.
  5. In this video, after many meetings with community leaders, facilitated by partner organization and CRWRC staff, the decision was made that the priority need was water.   Who came to this conclusion?  How did it compare with the initial recommendation of the Quinte donor group?
  6. How do you think the Quinte donor group felt while waiting for the Ulungu community to form a water committee, collected their contribution of $1,000, made decisions regarding distribution of water lines (where and according to what priority), and planned for orderly sale of water with income laid aside for maintenance and repairs?
  7. Do you think that waiting was the right decision?  Why or why not? 
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