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We love when we can see right where our money is going. We like mailing in a check and knowing it’s being used for something specific. We like seeing an image of the person who received our gift, or knowing that by sending in a Christmas donation a family in Honduras received a goat or a water filter. We like seeing the progress over time even more, we want to know that our efforts are truly making a difference.

World Renew’s Free a Family helps people break free from poverty and live a life of renewed hope in Christ. Yearly or monthly donations can provide nutritious food, clean water, improved health, and increased income for a whole family. Rather than giving supplies and education for just one person within a family with greater needs, Free a Family ministers to the family unit as a whole, impacting more people and reducing administrative costs.

Donors can also stay updated by receiving a newsletter regarding the representative family in that region; after all, it is not only the donation that is important, but also faithful prayer and support.

We all need reminders to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world and to be faithful in ministry, and programs like these help to engage families and create routines of prayer and support. Children can better understand why we give a bit of our money to others around the world by learning about the representative family through updates and pictures; newsletters keep us involved in what we are giving our money to and help us know what to pray for. Our gifts help bring hope and renewal to entire families around the globe.

For more information about World Renew’s Free a Family program and how you can get involved visit the World Renew Website under the tab, “What You Can Do” or click here.

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