Most Read Global Missions Posts for 2013


There's something about the close of a calendar that makes us reflect on the previous year to inform us as we move forward. As I start to plan blog posts for 2014, I always check to see what has been the most read. Take a look to see if you missed any of them!

10. Getting Involved in Global Missions

This post definitely has staying power! Written in 2009, it provides a comprehensive list of ways to get involved in missions, overseas and in North America. You'll also find links to helpful resources.

9.  How Can I Learn More About Global Missions?

Another foundational post that lists articles, workshops, webinars, and links of interest to those wanting to learn more about global missions. 

8. Child Sponsorship: Looking Behind the Picture on the Fridge

Very controversial in 2011 when it was posted, I'm not sure what explains its sudden increase in popularity. The topic is certainly appropriate for the Christmas season however!

7. Global Mission Webinars Archive

Sometimes I forget that the archives exist, which is a shame because there is so much good stuff in them. I find that I don't make it to webinars even when I put them on my schedule, so I love that these are in one spot so I can go back and watch them at my leisure.

6. Why Christians Should be Involved in Advocacy

Another controversial post, with more than 30 comments. 

5. Support Raising: Begging or Biblical?

This is the only post that was on the top 10 list last year, and it continues to be a hot topic in our denomination. 

4. Prepare Yourself Spiritually for Your Mission Trip

I was glad to see this one on the popular list - it is incredibly important for any short term missions team, and our field staff report that they can see a big difference in the groups that are spiritually prepared.

3. Can We Be Friends?

I had actually not read this one before, so I was surprised to see it on the list. After reading it, I can see why it's a favorite. Joel Huyser, with CRWM, shares about when a CRWRC (now World Renew) colleague asked if they could be friends.

2. Global Mission Webinars

I think this might actually be included because of people searching for webinars and landing on this page, which then links to the Global Missions Archives (see #7). Webinars now cover lots of different topics. You can find the current, proposed, and archived list here:

and finally, the most popular post on the Global Missions Network . . . . DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . . 

With 50 comments, it's also the most commented on post of all time. That's the great thing about the internet - you can continue a conversation from 2010! This is still a great question and if you have the time I encourage you to check it out.
So, were you surprised at the top 10 most popular posts? What topics would you like to cover in 2014? Comment below!
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Hi Wendy,

#3 on the list "Can We Be Friends?" was written by Joel Huyser, not Joel Hogan.  I worked with Joel Huyser and Darryl Mortensen in Nicaragua and consider them both as friends til this day!


Ben Meyer

Community Builder

Thanks Ben! I fixed it. Too many Joels over there at World Missions ;-)