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What is a denominational missions agency supposed to do?  When they began the idea was that all the international mission effort of the congregations was to be channeled through their denominational agency.  And it worked a lot like that for many years, but times have changed.  These days congregations of all denominations are doing lots of ministry through lots of agencies and directly.  In response to this Christian Reformed World Missions has developed a new team to provide resources and services to congregations so that the global mission effort of those congregations is enhanced.  The change of slogans illustrates this shift.  The old slogan was "Proclaiming the Gospel and Planting Churches around the World."  The agencies work was "over there" and its relationship with the churches was gathering prayer, care and financial support to do that work.  Now the slogan is "Helping Christian Reformed Churches to fulfill the Great Commission."  That means that if a church gets excited about Bible translation and decides to partner with an agency that does translation, it is time to cheer.  The Missions Education and Engagement Team, or MEET, has a long list of resources and services on their website at  Take a look and see if there is something that your congregation could benefit from. 

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