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Written by Carol Sybenga

Your life is part of a bigger story and we all have a role to play in the building up of God’s Kingdom. The CRCNA has opportunities for you to take on some of those roles - providing you with a place to serve and to be part of various transformational ministries. Even if you’re not sure of what’s involved, we can assist you by answering your questions, identifying your area of giftedness, and seeing where your skills, abilities and passions may be utilized. We have ministry opportunities that span twelve months of the year and also that span the globe, so fitting something into your schedule should be possible.

To get started we suggest you contact staff at the ServiceLink office

OPPORTUNITIES for Individuals

Opportunities to serve as an individual come in many different formats and can be matched to various interests, skills and abilities.

If you’re a teen, we can help you find ministry opportunities that may reflect your future goals, help you learn more about yourself, and let you dig deeper into understanding God and his world, as well as how you may fit into missions.

If you’re a young adult, opportunities are there for you to experience the world of cross-cultural missions, allow you to get some practical learning experiences, and be a blessing to the body of Christ.

If you’re an adult, we can help you find ways to flourish by using your years of experience and professional skills. Opportunities abound for those who are looking to serve the advancement of the Kingdom –from engaging in disaster clean up to professional consulting.

See current individual opportunities



Young Adults


Are you excited about missions and outreach and looking for opportunities to serve in a group setting outside of your own community? Engage with brothers and sisters in Christ in various ministry opportunities (in North America as well as International) and be transformed by your involvement in something of eternal significance. There are group opportunities in the areas of construction, disaster relief, prayer, medicine, youth ministry, and community development.

Although groups generally have a specific task allocated to their team, a second aspect of serving is that of learning – learning about the culture of the host country and community, of its history and issues that impact people’s daily lives; learning about poverty, social justice and the complexities of doing development and mission work. As such, teams that come through our program are called Service & Learning Teams and will have times allocated into their schedules for such experiences.

Church Groups
Churches are the people of God – a community of believers who relate to each other in various capacities. In the past, churches have financially supported missionaries who responded to the call of the Great Commission. Today God is also releasing “ordinary” people to serve him in some extraordinary ways. Groups made up of various church members are looking for some of those extraordinary opportunities to serve and learn together and take back what they’ve learned to their own church communities. Some are going even deeper than that, and developing long- term partnerships with overseas communities.

So whether this is your initial exposure to missions or if your church would consider developing a long-term partnership, we have something for you.

Long Term Partnerships
If your church is interested in developing a long term partnership with an overseas community, you will find plenty of resources on our Partnerships page.

Youth Groups
Are you looking for an outlet for your energetic youth that could aid in their development of a growing understanding of God, His world, and how they fit into it? You’re in the right place! We have various opportunities where youth can be engaged in some aspect of service, dig deeper into understanding God’s call on their lives and engage in learning experiences they can apply upon return home.

Some helpful resources for youth groups: 
 An article by Kara Powell, Terry Linhart, David Livermore and Brad Griffin: Youth Group - If We Send Them They Will Grow
“Deep Justice Journeys” by Kara Powell and Brad Griffin from Fuller Youth Institute

Intergenerational Groups
Churches are the people of God – a community of believers who relate to each other in various capacities. Relationships built within churches are similar to that of extended families with multiple generations that share life together. So why not share a mission experience together that can break down generational barriers and allow for some wonderful mentoring opportunities between age groups? Opportunities are available to share in such ministries – both in North America and overseas.

 See current group opportunities


 Here are some excellent guidelines to a great Short Term Team experience
Standards of Excellence in STM


Hope Equals – specifically for College & University students
Hope Equals is a campaign that aims to become a movement with a mission to empower Christian college students to foster peace in Israel and Palestine. A 23 day summer trip to Israel/Palestine will be an intense introduction to the spiritual/social/political elements of the communal conflict in Israel/ Palestine today. Participants will visit areas most affected by conflict, meet with key leaders from a variety of backgrounds, have opportunities to spend time with Palestinian Christians and get hands- on experience in communal reconciliation ministry.

Check us out at Hope Equals

Prayer Teams
Christian Reformed World Missions has developed a partnership with Prayer Missions International whose purpose and passion is to build and strengthen the ministry of prayer among Christian people so the Kingdom of God may be supported and strengthened in our world.

Short term prayer mission trips are planned to various mission fields throughout the world. The primary activity of these trips is to pray for the missionaries and ministers, the various ministries carried on in a particular area and generally for God’s blessing and movement in the community as a whole. Teams will consist of 4-10 people recruited through supporting churches and agencies with trips lasting from 7-14 days depending upon the location, ministry needs and opportunities.

Check us out at Short Term Prayer Mission Trips


Have your children returned from mission trips and in sharing their experiences made you wish that your whole family could have been part of that? Well, you can! Opportunities for families to serve together are possible and available and will allow each member of your family to use their God given gifts in Kingdom-advancing work. Serving together will open doors to strengthening family ties in totally new and unique ways.

Read a family’s story


Do you want to see first-hand how the Christian Reformed Church is engaged in transformational ministry around the world? Do you have a desire for a better understanding of some of the complexities related to serving in missions, engaging in development work or spreading the Gospel to those who have never heard it before? Are you interested in experiencing and learning about new cultures and lifestyles? Or building relationships with and hearing stories of transformation from CRC ministry staff? Then participating in a tour may be exactly what you are looking for!
See what’s currently available

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