Guest blog by Dr. Randy L. Rowland

A popular book on church development uses sticky church as its title. The book is largely focused on practices and programs that make suburban and sub-rural attractional style churches grow more quickly and retain more members. While I reject some of the constructs here are some principles I think carry into all ministries, if you don’t mind “sticking” around to consider them!

Sticky — the concept has to do with adhesion. You probably know that if pasta is cooked just right, it develops a sticky quality. You can throw a spaghetti noodle against the wall, and it will stick. Overdone or underdone, there is no adhesion. So, what qualities make ministries sticky if they are done just right?

1. Sticky Idea

2. Sticky Event

3. Sticky Leadership
Strong and organized but not overbearing
Engaging and open

4. Sticky Multi-Relationships
Connects one to another without “middle-man”
Legos image of connectedness

5. Sticky Next Steps, including risk
Inviting further exploration
Inclusion directly in activities/events

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