Where Does My Help Come From?


“I lift my eyes up …” with some nostalgia I read the beginning of this verse in Psalms 121 and begin to hum its worship tune “… to the mountains, where does my help come from?”

I sang this song countless times swaying back and forth in the wee morning hours when my daughter was born 17 years ago. Holding my new baby I struggled with the experience of new parenthood as I contemplated her coming and my task of imparting my knowledge of the world and its workings with her. I marveled at the wonder of who she was! How had God fashioned her personality? What would she need to hear to know she is deeply loved? When will she learn that I function much better when I get an appropriate amount of sleep?

Of the few things I knew then, I am thankful that I knew enough to seek help from the Creator of heaven and earth — the One who invited me and allowed me into the precious work of co-creating a human being. Looking at my daughter, I longed for her to hold at least one piece of wisdom deep within her newborn psyche — of knowing who we call on when we need help. God will help us. He will lead us into Truth.

Ten years later, when we stepped out onto the mission field, I looked out and saw mountains high across the way. “I lift my eyes up …” instantly came to mind and I found myself pondering: Who are these people you’ve called me to serve? How have you been speaking to them? How do I get to step into what you have been preparing them for? Will they accept from me the message that Jesus came to save them? Are they ready to receive the joy of the Lord?

And He answered me “Are you ready to receive from me? If you keep your eyes on me, I will supply all you need to share with them.”

Welcome to evangelism. It’s keeping our eyes on Jesus while sharing the overflow from our cup into others. It’s the wonder and awe of not yet knowing yet accepting the invitation to experience how ‘the other’ ticks … and sticking with them until they are enveloped in our hearts as friends and family.

Dr. Ray Bakke, a pioneer in urban community transformation, defines evangelism as “scratching where it itches.” What itches are happening in your community that need scratching? How can you support those identified needs and bravely step into the deep difficult questions to search for solutions together? Can you share how God has impacted you while embracing the delight of diversity in God’s image reflections around the globe? Let’s share the good news that we are not alone as we walk with the triune God into the freedom that the cross offers!

For Resonate Global Mission, our West Africa regional leader has expressed need for an evangelist in an undisclosed West African country. He is looking for someone willing to embrace genuine relationships in a predominantly Muslim society and meet people where they are. He longs to see Christians and Muslims in purposeful dialogue where Jesus can be introduced and the Gospel shared in a life-giving manner. If you would like to know more information about this opportunity or feel this might ‘scratch you where you itch,’ please contact us at Resonate or leave a comment below. 

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