Is Your Church Ready for Missions?


A recent article by Catalyst Services provided the following 10 Indicators to measure church missions potential. Do you agree with the indicators? Where would you put your church?

  1. Are there several leaders in our church motivated by a “holy dissatisfaction” with our current global impact and passionate to see God use our congregation to accomplish far more to expand God’s Kingdom?
  2. Does our church have a good spread of ages and reflect the ethnic diversity of our community?
  3. When asked "what is the most exciting thing that has happened in, or been done by, our church in the last year?" do most people name an externally focused ministry?
  4. Does our pastor have a passion and vision for global engagement?
  5. Does our pastor, along with a representative group of the congregation, lead missions?
  6. Is our church expanding its awareness of local needs and growing in its willingness to reach across economic and ethnic differences to share Christ's love in our community?
  7. Can we identify people who are currently considering future missions service?
  8. Are those in our missions leadership willing to let go of traditional missions programs and priorities, and allow younger generations to develop “new wineskins” of highly relational, hands-on approaches to global engagement?
  9. Do we have some current and potential leaders who will invest time to seek God’s direction for a faith-stretching missions strategy?
  10. Can our church sustain a continuity of missions leadership over at least the next three to five years?
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