Youth Ministry Book Recommendations?


I'm looking for some really great youth ministry books and resources. I've been asked to consider a leadership position in our church's youth ministry and would like to be more informed before making a decision.

Is there a book or resource you've found helpful in your ministry? Thanks for sharing! 

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Hi Melissa. That’s exciting. It’s super important for churches to invest in their youth. Without a doubt, I would recommend “Sticky Faith”, the youth workers edition, and then “Growing Young”. Both come out of the Fuller Youth Institute and are highly regarded in youth ministries across countries and denominations.

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Thank-you! I've ordered both!



I am very excited for you Melissa. Along with what Anna has suggested, might I also suggest "A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry" written by Micheal McGarry. This is a 2019 publication. A second recommendation would be "Sustainable Youth Ministry" by Mark deVries (no relation).


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Ooh! Those look great!  I've just ordered them, thank-you!

I second Sustainable Youth Ministry.

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I just finished reading Sustainable Youth Ministry.  It is fantastic, thank-you for the recommendation. Next up, "Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry"!


You are welcome. Enjoy the next one

"Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry" by Doug Fields could also serve as a good starter. :)

It's filled with stories and practical suggestions. Super easy read. 

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I own this one, it's great!

“Kings, Queens and Killers: Rules of Engagement” and "White, Confused, Black and Christian: The Autobiography of Larry A. Yff (Your View Matters)" is an excellent book! The autobiography comes in two versions (Explicit or Base) for different audiences (youth homes, prisons, churches, etc). 

Both books are easy reads that are full of modern day info from Biblical teachings.