What Does Your Church Call Its Ministry to Senior Adults?


I recently came across a lively discussion started by a church looking to come up with a new name for its senior adult ministry.

Curious: What does your church call its ministry to senior adults? Have a suggestion? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Just came from there!

"Senior Moments"



Ours seniors program (in Canada) is called North of 60 :)

That is an awesome name!  I love it :)


We call our senior group JOY Fellowship (for Just Older Youth). It's for men and women ages 50+. Older adults aren't fond of being called seniors, so we chose this more youthful name. It's been very well received.


Our group is called Seasoned Souls

In Newmarket, Ontario there is a group called Elderberries


Ours are called"Diamond Club".  Diamonds are formed through pressure and heat, which is certainly true for this group.  Many went through WW II.  And they do currently reflect the amazing light of the gospel to the rest of the congregation.



We recently changed from "Senior's Group" to "North of 60" and even made a little logo:)


Our 60+ group at Maranatha CRC in Holland, MI is called O.P.U.S. (Older People Up to Something)!


"Sunshine Club" 

Bethel CRC, Waterdown Ontario calls its 60+ group OASIS Older Adults Sharing In Service. (The acronym also works for Older Adults Suffering In Silence :-) ). We meet monthly from September through June and start with a BBQ in September with a Redeemer University outing in October followed by an in house presentation in November by a local ministry. In December our Deacons treat us to a fabulous Christmas Dinner that has raised as much as $1,500.00 for causes such as Habitat for Humanities. In February there has historically been a Valentine Lunch at a local buffet style restaurant. OASIS seeks to be relevant to local ministries in the Classis Hamilton area and invites speakers from those organizations to do presentations. OASIS participants have shown power points of recent travels. In August our church's deacons put on a Sunday afternoon OASIS tea. Participation varies from mid twenty to high fifty. The challenge is to get those in the lower age bracket to begin to participate.


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 We don't have one.  Our congregation is small and several members already juggle with more than one commitment, so we avoid piling on the ministries whenever possible.

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