How Christian Leaders Can Survive Being Ground in the Ministry Mill


“Managing Ministry Stress” is a 4 part mini-course provided free of charge by Claybury International for Christian leaders in churches and the mission field. 

The content of this mini-course is adapted from Colin Buckland’s book for Church leaders Freedom to Lead and is based on the combination of over 30 years of supporting and counseling Christian leaders and academic research into the state of the ministry. It will help identify the stress points that grind you down in your ministry life, so that you can establish healthy ways of dealing with them, and give insight into both avoiding and recovering from the burnout that often arises. The course includes the following sections:

  • If Only I Built Tables…..15 Sources of Stress for Church Leaders
  • The Elijah-Decision: When Stress Sucks Away Your Will to Go On
  • If I Just Keep Working Then it Will All Go Away:  Responding to Burnout
  • “Hoot a Few Hoots Voluntarily, Now and Then”: 15 Things That You Can Do to Reduce Stress

Claybury International supports and serves Christian leaders, in churches and Christian organizations around the world, that they might serve in a sustainable manner, in turn enabling the people that they lead to flourish, achieving their full potential for the Kingdom of God. The nature and character of Jesus, the Servant King’s approach to leading his team of disciples underpins their practical, Christ-centered, servant leadership model. They have a substantial online presence on their site Christian Leadership: Growing Christ-centered Leaders that includes a wealth of resources on a broad range of topics relevant to the development and health of ministry leaders.  

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