Inspire 2022 Workshop: Simple Sabotage


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During World War 2, the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (predecessor to the CIA) published a "Simple Sabotage Field Manual." The manual was a guide for European spies to undermine the Axis powers from within. The ways spies used this material was so helpful that the handbook was classified until the 1970s.

When congregations seek the way God calls them to make a difference in the world, they often come up against simple sabotage. This sabotage may come as people don't like the congregation's direction or want to live into the past rather than move into a new future. To stop from moving, people do things like advocating caution, referring back to matters already decided on, haggling over wording, etc. 

One of the most unexpected things about those who carry out the sabotage is they may not even know they are doing it. There is a good chance that this is just the way things are always done around here or the way things were done in their family. 

The goal of a leader in this situation is to identify the way sabotage is happening and wisely and gently confront it. 

This Inspire 2022 workshop will help you discover the eight ways of Simple Sabotage that undermine your congregation's calling and find ways to respond to it pastorally.

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