Who has information on how to handle the training and support for the Council/Elder chairman?


To be council chair or officer can be a daunting and lonely task - especially for your first time.

We are forming an area group of leaders from 6 to 8 local churches. We are seeking input and/or materials to help us be more effective in our roles and to train our replacements and get them up to speed so that they can be more effective right from the start of their tenure.

There seems to be a couple of key elements that would be most helpful in carrying out these duties effectively;

        a) to provide continuity to the leadership and vision of the council with the scheduled "churn" of 1/3 of the group every year

      b) to improve communication and cooperations between the Pastor and the council - to ensure that the pastors are enabled to do their best without being burdened with administrative duties and to nurture a symbiotic relationship that gets everyone pulling in the same direction, enjoying and encouraging each other, each understanding their roles and helping each other.

If anyone has information, experience or advice on setting up and carrying out  such a training plan we would love to hear about it.

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Hi Marlin, Sounds like a good idea. I would like to suggest that each church should ask for people to form a pool of prospective Elders. Those people could receive training and counseling on what is required to be a Elder. Then the congregation could vote for candidates from that pool. Look for people who want to be there not just people who look good; Also terms of serving could be extended for those who want to stay in the roll. If problems arise the church could vote a Elder out.



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Marlin, I just ran across this posting and want to respond even though I'm so late.  I'm very excited about the idea of leaders from a cluster of churches getting together to talk leadership!  I encourage you.   I wonder if there is one of the congregations that might be elegible to be the lead congregation in applying for some money from the SCE program.  Next deadline is June 1 so you have some time to develop a proposal.  That would help you establish some good materials and a really good meeting place.

Usually, the chair of consistory/council would not be a first time elder, but one who has a bit more experience.   This would make the task less daunting.  As far as continuity is concerned, it is most important to keep the congregation in the loop about most issues.   When there are more confidential issues at stake, then have a transition meeting where both the retiring and "new" elders participate.   If necessary, continue to involve the retiring elders with sensitive ongoing issues until certain issues that need their help are dealt with.