The Humility Flag


This is my design for what I call the “Humility Flag.” I am sure that in the month of June 2018, a month that has been declared to be “Pride Month,” it is not too difficult to figure out why I chose the name “Humility Flag.” Aside from the obvious contrast with what the LBGTQ community is celebrating this month, I have other good reasons for naming my flag “Humility Flag.” 

You see, my text book for having learned and continuing to learn how to live is the Holy Bible. I am a Christian as well as a Canadian citizen, and from the Bible I have learned that honest humility is a good Christian characteristic. Humility evaluates itself realistically, neither greater nor less than itself. Typically, humility does not blow its own horn, seek special recognition, or parade the values it perceives itself to possess. All those things it leaves to others to recognize.

All that does not mean that humble people, among whom there are many Christians, have any less civil rights than any other community within the Canadian population.  And so, when our Prime Minister arranged for the Pride Flag to be flown from the parliament buildings in Ottawa (can you believe it?), I thought some balancing of emphases to be appropriate. Hence a Humility Flag. 

Just as a comment to the Prime Minister, does he not realize that the only flag that should fly from that particular flag pole is the Maple Leaf? The only time that another flag should be hoisted there would be of a foreign power that had invaded and conquered Canada.  I have some experience with that having lived under Nazi domination for five years in Holland.  You just do not play loosely with our national emblem and what you display in its place. The LGBTQ community does NOT represent Canada, and neither does the Christian community, and the flag from either community should not be permitted to fly from our parliament buildings.

I have no idea whether anybody will undertake to manufacture any Humility Flags, but I think it would be neat if someone did. Neither do I have any idea what such a thing would cost, but I would certainly be prepared to donate toward it.

Please note that all this is my personal opinion. I am reasonably certain that there are many of you out there who agree with me, but in today’s “political correctness” atmosphere we have all become pretty hesitant about expressing certain opinions.

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