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This is the part of the year that we are busy with many concerns. But it is also the season of reflection. Another year past. Days of opportunities that will not return. Perhaps some regrets. Perhaps some pain, sorrow even. Perhaps also some modest achievements of which we feel some satisfaction. Our mind’s eye re-visits 2015…

But now that 2016 has come so close we also think of the future. Can we be optimistic?

David—in Psalm 27—tells us that he will see goodness. David has a deep sense of security. His future is safe. But how can he be so sure? National safety is always precarious for Israel with its open borders. 

David is of good expectation because the goodness he sees is from the Lord: “I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” David’s eyes are on the Lord! Actually, Psalm 27 is a remarkable piece of writing. Read through it and you will note some highly unfortunate things in the life of David. But through every suffering and failure, the Lord sent rescue. In the end, he says, he will see the goodness of the Lord.

Notice some things about David’s confession. 

First, David made a discovery once he had confessed his sins, once he knew himself forgiven. Forgiveness changed his outlook. Now that we think of this year that is about to slide into history, we ask our heavenly Father for forgiveness for all that was remiss: all that was thoughtless, the ill-taken goals, the disregard for others, and the undue haste. We ask Him for a new heart, a new disposition. Only then can we see the Lord’s goodness.

Notice also that this goodness would not come later “in the hereafter." No, it would be in this life: “in the land of the living…!”

And this goodness would be real, it would be visible for his soul’s eye: “I will see the goodness of the Lord!”

David’s Life was far from perfect, his failures so many. But the Lord constantly afforded David his close company. That was the reason that David could say that he saw the goodness of his Lord.

I have sat at a good many deathbeds.  I have found that many of the people were busy in their minds with the life they had lived. Their great new year’s eve had come upon them and their thoughts began to roam in the life behind them. In the end a version of those words were given to them: “I will see the goodness of the Lord…take heart…wait for the Lord.”

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