What Ministry Topics Would You Like to Talk About This Year?


The Network is home to over 60 different topics designed to represent ministry happening in our churches, homes, and communities.

Are you an elder or deacon looking for advice? Do you lead worship, teach youth, or balance the budget? Is your mission field mostly at home? Are you a pastor looking for input from other pastors? Are you advocating for change?

I’m curious, what areas of ministry would you like to talk about this year?

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Creation care. I want to know what churches are doing...


Great suggestion, Cindy. I'll put some thought into this and try to generate some discussion and feedback around what churches are doing related to creation care. 

Community Builder

Let's talk about Real Estate and the tremendous cost of building and maintaining a church building.

eg A medium sized CRC is undergoing a $4.6 million renovation.

Is that simply 'the price of being a church' and offering ministry programs?

$4.6 million could fully fund 10 missionaries for 10 years, reaching potentially thousands of families for Christ, transforming those families and communities.

Is it time to consider a move to house churches or renting more modest facilities?


Thanks for this, Keith. I'd love to get some discussion going around the cost of our buildings.