What have you found effective to help church members discover their spiritual gifts?


A couple of the tasks in my job description are, "Develop and implement a process for identifying and developing members gifts, talents, and passions for ministry" and "Assist with finding gifted members to join in the ministries." My guess is that other Ministry Coordinators probably have similar tasks in their own job descriptions.

I was able to get a great head start on some ideas for teaching about spiritual gifts from somone I connected with here on the network (Thanks, Denise!) but I was curious what other ideas might be out there for this aspect of ministry.

What have you found effective to help members discover their gifts?

I noticed there is a resource available from Faith Alive called Discover Your Gifts, and I'm wondering if anyone has insight about how this curriculum has helped their church?

What other resources are out there that you recommend?

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Hi Rebecca, Discover your Spiritual gifts is a excellent resource. I wish I could recommend more resources. But I would like to add after reading some your posts and comments I think you could explain the what and how of Spiritual Gifts in your own experience. Every thing that is good and what is good in us are Spiritual gift. Seeing these gifts in yourself and more importantly in others is the function of faith that the Spirit is envolved.

  Last night I told my youngest daughter that mom was having a repeat mammogram for a suspcious spot. through her tears she immediately cried out to God for a good result. Within a few moments her phone rang and it was my wife calling to tell her everything was fine. I had miss placed my phone and we don't have a land line, So my wife had to call on her cell phone. This happens to all of us in one shape or form but it's what you believe is how  we see a event or look at skills and gifts that are based in the love of God,youself or fellow beliievers.

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You are right about what is included in most MC job descriptions. I was part of a 3 year Leadership Development Network, prior to my present position. One of the great tools we used was The Clifton Strengthfinder Resource Guide. Through a number of questions ... you find out what your strengths are. There is also a book of a similar title ... but it is at my office - so I can't give you the exact title. I found that whole process extremely helpful as well ... very inspiring. It is a great tool to use along side of any kind of spiritual gifts inventory ... especially for those who have done a number of inventories ... this gives a new dimension.

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Rebecca, if you’re still looking for ideas there’s a series that my last church used called Network: The Right People…in the Right Places…for the Right Reasons. We did it as part of an adult Christian education class and it was life-changing. There’s also a revised version available. Even without the DVDs the particpant's guide has got some great information.