Mug winners...and a new challenge


What a great response to the “Just Say Hi” challenge. Well over a hundred people joined the quest to get that snazzy Network mug and $25 Amazon gift card - many of them posting on all three sites.

We don’t want the fun to stop, so today we’re launching a new challenge!

But first, let’s announce the randomly-selected “Just Say Hi” winners. They are:

  • Craig Van Hill (from the Network contest page)
  • Thad Eno (from contest page)
  • Timothy Pieters (from the contest page)

Congratulations to all three! We’ll be mailing your mugs and gift cards shortly.

If you didn’t win, no worries. Because now there’s a new way to get one of those limited-edition, can’t-buy-it-in-stores Network mugs (and $25 Amazon gift cards)...

It’s the “Just Post a Comment” challenge.

Like the “Just Say Hi” challenge, it’s super-duper easy.

But this time you have to post a real comment somewhere else on the site. Maybe in our discussion forums, or in response to someone’s ministry question, or on one of the posts by our volunteer bloggers. Or all three.

Let’s make March 2013 the most-commented month in Network history. At the end of the month, we’ll randomly select three Network commenters for three more mugs and $25 Amazon gift cards.

Of course, the huge bonus of commenting is not only that you’ll be entered to win a sweet mug. But you’ll be supporting and encouraging others across the CRC as they go about ministry in their own church. What’s sweeter than that?

So browse around and add your comments now. Let’s connect with each other for ministry!

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This particular comment may not be taken as being elligible for a mug or gift card in order to keep its value as having been contributed out of healthy motives, such as the provocation of some deeper reflection on what is really being done in the context of this contested contest. Nor, if it is selected as a winner anyway, the merchandise my never be contributed to anyone else in lieu of my lack of acceptance. May you end up with a warehouse full of mugs and gift cards, and a Network filled with deep thoughtful information!

Pete VanderBeek



Well said, Pete.  And I'm glad it prompted you to comment. :-)


I agree with you Pete... to a degree. As someone who reads a good deal on the Network, but posts only occasionally, there were a long list of "HI" comments to get through. That said, if it helps peak the interest of more people in what is available on  the Network, I think it is OK. Think of those opening lines (illustrations) we use in sermons to bring attention to what follows... :) I do look forward to your deeper reflections though!