NEW: Email Alerts of New Comments, Posts


Since launching The Network (7 weeks ago today!) we've had a number of people asking for email notifications in the forums. Thanks for that suggestion and it's now live on the site.

In the first post of any forum thread (including this one!), logged-in users will see two options:

  1. to be notified of new comments in a thread
  2. to be notified of all new threads in that forum

You can also be alerted to new comments on any blog posting, article, etc. using a similar button at the bottom of those.

The whole thing is quite customizable - you can decide whether you want those notifications instantly or digested (e.g. by day, by week). And the system will prompt you to subscribe anytime you start or add to a discussion.

Want to subscribe to your previous postings? Click "My Profile" to see a listing of what you've posted where.

Thanks for these suggestions...and keep 'em coming. Use the orange "feedback" tab (right side) to add your ideas and vote on others.

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