I want to take an opportunity just to thank everyone who has worked on creating the Network, keeping it up and running, and those who take the time to serve as guides for all the rest of us. I want you to know that I read the Network almost every day and in lots of areas. God is working through all of you at CRCNA and the pastors, other church leaders, and church members who are confident enough to start posts or make comments. I receive many blessings and reassurances from what I see there — especially the Disability Concerns, worship, youth ministry, and pastor areas. I receive a lot of encouragement from many of the people who have posted in the Disability Concerns area.  I have a disability and it is great to know I'm not alone. Also, I'm not a pastor, but reading some of those posts gives a member more insight into what pastors have to deal with and reminds me how time consuming and difficult their jobs really are at times. Often I get wrapped up in my own health issues and take fore granted all that my pastor does for me and other church members.

I know all of the "Network staff" have worked very hard to put the Network in place and now to maintain it and the CRCNA website. All of you are doing a great job. I want to thank Jonathan and any other people who work more as support people. So often especially those behind the scenes aren't acknowledged and do a ton of work. The rest of us do the easy part — reading and occasionally adding a word or two. All of you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. I sincerely mean that and thank God for the ministry He provides through each of you. 

Thanks also to everyone who posts. There have been many great topics and very thoughtful responses. 

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Wow, Brenda. Thank YOU for posting such kind words.

It's been quite a year. The online Network actually doesn't have any full time staff...just a few of us part-timers that, combined, probably make up about one position. How's that possible?

Because of YOU and others like you that post questions, comments, and interact with each other. And because of our volunteer guides and hosts who lend their time and expertise by writing blogs, articles, responding to questions, and more.

Like Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and many smaller examples of social sites...the value of The Network is created by the community!

So thanks to everyone for participating. 

By the way, yesterday we broke another record for traffic to the site. Not bad for mid-February. Keep spreading the word so more and more people can join the conversation! There are so many people in our churches who still don't know how they can benefit from connecting with each other on The Network.

Hello Brenda, I like it too. I see God has giving you the gift of encouragement. Our leaders need this encouragement to help weather the storms. Your gift is one of the silver linings that God grants us who suffer in humility with chronic illness. See Brenda how valuable you are to us layman and leaders.

God bless you my sister in Christ,



Thank you for the kind works.  Your comments definately gave a boost to the Network staff and volunteers.