Dear Church Nursery Volunteer, I'd like to express my specific thanks for just a few of the things you do. . . 

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That nursery programs hold this much intergenerational ministry potential is often overlooked in churches where nursery is viewed as the hard to staff, catch all for kids who can’t be, or don’t want to be, in worship. 

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More than ever, nurseries are required to meet high standards of safety, cleanliness, and visual appeal. How does your church ensure that the nursery is properly staff and up to standards? 

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Concrete basement floor covered with industrial carpet.  Not much fun when children fall.  Solutions?  Share your trials and errors as well.

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I ran across this messaging tool for paging parents of small children during service. Basically, you sign in and create a profile for your children and their guardians. When an issue arises, the nursery attendant can easily send a text message to that child's family members. Thought it might be a...
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So I am curious what some other churches have for nursery activities. Do you ask your nursery volunteers to play with the children and actively engage them? Or do your volunteers spend most of the time visiting and drinking coffee and just keeping an eye on the children's free play (helping when...

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I'd love to see copies of other church sign in sheets for the nursery. We are building a new facility and may change our procedures. Any one willing to share?

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As a 62 year old nursery volunteer, I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know the youngest people of my church because those children's parents bring their children to nursery.  I have some lasting relationships with some of these kids because they were in nursery when I was and because I spent a couple years leading ages 2-3  Sunday School.

We need to think of nursery as a "win-win-win" scenario -- because it is. 

I heartily agree that nursery is a great opportunity.  At age 62, I find myself more able to take my turn in nursery and it is delightful.  I get to know the babies and small children, and to work and have conversation with some adults and teens that I probably would have much conversation with.

I think older members, especially men, miss out on a lot if they decide they are past the age and "circumstances" of being on nursery rotation.

Mobile Text Alerts has also developed a similar system that a lot of churches have found beneficial and affordable for sending out nursery notifications.

I agree with you, most of the places are being too hard, i never understands whats wrong with it, but never take it seriously. Now actually i realize what is all this. 

It seems that agapage is no longer around :(

I have built a very similiar church nursery paging system - to use text messages to page parents.  However, it has been created for mobile as well as tablet and PC.

Nursery workers page parents by clicking on the child's name, or the guardian's name.  Nursery workers, or parents themselves, can sign up.

It uses any phone! But there is an android app in development (and later an iphone app will be built) that will make it so the phone vibrates longer when they receive a text message.

It is not free.  It is $10/month, or $15/month for a global account.  This helps to pay for the servers, code maintenance, the cost of sending text messages and purchasing phone numbers.  I am a missionary, moving overseas again in October, so 100% of the fees goes to support mission work!  I do hope to bring the price down as churches sign up --- my goal is to provide it for $5/month.

Check out the software at

Oh my lands yes!  Every time a toddler takes a tumble in our nursery I worry that they are going to end up really hurt, not to mention all the skinned knees and rug burn for the crawling babies in the summer.  The only thing we have done is around any slides or climbing equipment we have invested in some of those floor mats that are about 1" thick and go together like a puzzle.  :(  If you find a better idea let me know!

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for your kind words. Agapage is really catching, but for a while there, despair was hanging around.

Comments like this give us hope that we are actually doing something right.

Again, thanks for that.


Yeah, it is really cool - and I love that the guy who wrote it took such a thoughtful and prayerful approach to helping his church. Makes the tool that much more special!

Meghan, this is just AWESOME!!!! What a wonderful tool and what an amazing guy to offer this on a donation basis! THank you so much for posting this!

Nursery care is a very important part of our ministry with children and their parents. At our church we believe that how you welcome children is as important as how you welcome the seniors. The welcome and care babies and toddlers experience in a church nursery is often the first experience most of them have, outside of their family relationships, with the LOVE of God. Therefore we are very intentional about our nursery care and are constantly reminding the nursery volunteers (both adult and teen) that the nursery is the beginning of the child`s lifelong journey of belonging to a faith community. That first experience is so important.
All this goes to say that our volunteers are asked to interact with, play with, hold, cuddle, read, etc the children. It`s really all about developing belonging and beginning the discipleship journey at a very young age. (So, no watching the service from a video feed...too distracting). In fact, this fall we hope to begin a short circle time with the 2 year olds using the God Loves Me program from Faith Alive. It will require another level of care and involvement from our volunteers but one that we feel is going to be very valuable in the lives of our little ones.
Faith Alive has a wonderful publication entitled: So You Have Been Asked to Serve in the Nursery. It has some great information in it on how to establish a welcoming nursery. You may want to purchase one! The booklet ends with this...(the nursery is) a place where each little one can experience concretely the reality of God`s love. I think that`s exciting stuff!

Tom, any idea how expensive it is to get a system like that for about 15-20 kids? As for sign in sheets Heather, I just made one up on Xcel Spreadsheets for ours. If I can find a way to link it I will try. Ours is made to accomodate this info for each child each time they sign in: Child's Name, Child's ID #, Signed in by, Signed out by. The parents have to bring their corresponding ID tag with them to retrieve their child, although our workers aren't great about enforcing that. Hard to enforce safety procedures in a small town church where you think you know everyone.

We recently bought a pager system for our congregation. It works great. It's just like the system at Ikea. The parent signs the child in, gets a pager, the child enters the nursery and the parent goes to worship. We have a "no change" policy in our nursery, so whenever a diaper needs changing, we just page the parent. Only the parent with the pager gets the kid after the service. And if they don't come soon enough after the service, we just set it on "Taser" and they come right away:)