Changed Requirements for Clergy Residence Deduction (Canada)


The Canada Revenue Agency has changed the requirements for the Clergy Residence Deduction (CRD).

Previously you had to supply your job title and a brief description of your work.  Now you must attach a copy of your job description, which must show percentages of time spent on each part. 

For more information, read CCCC’s explanation of the modified requirements and further commentary.

I have been asked if CRC pastors should use a uniform title for their positions on the CRD form.  While I doubt that this detail would cause a problem, my suggested title is what is found in our Church Order:  Minister of the Word.

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Do you know of the impact these modified requirements have on ordained ministers who work in specialized ministry settings such as Canadian Chaplains?

Hi Dirk.

All who claim the Clergy Residence Deduction have to follow the same rules.  So, whether one is an ordained minister serving a congregation, a chaplain at a hospital, or a person who in some other way meets the function and status test of the legislation for the CRD, needs to attach a copy of his/her job description, complete with percentages of time spent in each area indicated within it..

Likely it will require adapting the currently held job description.  Contacting the HR office or the person who completes these forms is a good idea, alerting them to the new forms and reporting requirements.


Is ordination a must to receive the tax credit?
Also, my wife runs a dayhome out of our place and writes off a portion
Of the rent. Does this conflict with a clergy housing tax credit? Thx

yes, interested to know if ordination is a must.