Clergy as Guild?


The Crisis of the American Intellectual, by Walter Russell Mead:

Interesting. Thoughts on how this impacts what we do as clergy generally and on the CRCNA in particular? Is Mead all wet? Spot on?

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Sorry. Walter Russell Mead is the author.

Hi B-ver, What do you think of this article?



I found it intriguing - and the comparison of an ordained/educated clergy to a guild struck me as apt.

The effect of this trend on what I do as a pastor is not clear to me, but it strikes me that it changes my task more to one of a guide through the maze of information and opinions out there rather than as a source authority myself.  I'm still ruminating on it, which is one of the reasons I thought I'd toss it out there for others to consider.

Yes, it is getting very difficult to discern  truth in all the information that is available, I always try to put most articles in context of who said it and what's the motive. I also question myself, about my understanding of things against the the Word.

Sometimes, I have learned that I want to believe what's not entirely correct. You know B-ver, when I have an opinion it doesn't matter much because I'm pretty isolated.<but I can see how this information needs to be digested and  evaluated by someone in your position of importance in so many lives. I wish I could help you but it would be just opinion.



The opinion of a wise man is not something to be scorned.

A wise man is a oxymoron. God provides wisdom.