Does Anyone Have a Sermon Series on Biblical Covenants That I Could Reference?


This fall we are following the WE Covenant teaching series produced by Faith Alive Christian Resources. Accordingly, I'd like to preach on biblical covenants while we explore them through the WE program.

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I do. I did a series over Lent (2012) on biblical covenants. I'd be happy to send you an overview if you're still interested.

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Hello Darrin,

Thank you for responding to my request!  Yes, I'd be glad to receive an overview/outline of your sermon series on covenants, if it's not too much trouble.  My email address is as follows: [email protected].

Thank you kindly!



Hey Darrin, do you still have the overview for this lent series on the covenants? If so, could you pass it along to me at [email protected]


Sent along. Hope it's helpful.



Sounds like a helpful resource, Darrin. If you want to make it more widely available, just hit the orange 'Start a new post' button at the top of this page, and add it here in the Pastors section as a Resource > Sermon.

We haven't publicized this "resource sharing" feature of The Network too much, but it's built for it. And, as this comment exchange suggests, could really be a valuable way to share ideas and tools.

There is a great book on making the themes of Covenant and Kingdom come alive for the congregation.  Mike Breen's book "Covenant and Kingdom: the DNA of the Bible". They also have a 6 week sermon series free on seeing the themes of covenant and kingdom. 

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Hello Martin,

Thank you for passing on this information re. covenants.  I'll keep them in mind as I plan for my sermon series on the topic.

Peace to you!