Scholarships for college bound children of pastors (specifically US citizens serving in Canada)?


We are US citizens currently serving in Ontario.  My daughter is hoping to attend Redeemer next fall in Ontario.  The search for scholarships has been tricky.  Many of the scholarships mention "Canadian residence" but my daughter's status is "temporary visitor", so she doesn't qualify.  

Beyond applying for Redeemer scholarships and or student loans -- -- I'd appreciate any wisdom sharing from pastor's families who have experienced a similar situation or have found creative solutions.

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If she's a high school student there, I'm surprised to hear that she wouldn't be considered a resident - at least for Redeemer's purposes, and likely even from the perspective of Revenue Canada (see

Also, in Googling it I don't see any official status of "temporary visitor". Do you mean "Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)" because, if so, I'd think that's a resident.

Maybe someone can give a more definitive answer, but I hope this at least helps with a couple of extra avenues to check into. Can anyone shed more light on this?