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We're just starting this Network project and I'm the so-called "Guide" for this page. I guess that makes some sense. I've been engaged in this calling for more than 30 years. (Yikes!) But for all the topics that we cover, I'd like your help.

For example, what books are you reading that help with any part of our calling and task? They don't have to be only books of sermons, preaching books, leadership books or specialized pastoral development. Maybe you get inspiration for preaching from newspapers and novels, walks in the woods, paddling on a river or lake, riding a bike on the open road, running in the mountains. Remember, Karl Barth once said that preachers should have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Maybe today he'd say something similar about a laptop and CNN.

So, in our "Books, Book Notes and Book Reviews" topic, I'm building a list of resources that are, if anything, eclectic. I've put in some longer reviews of books I've read and found particularly helpful either recently or for a long time. I've also made some brief notes on other interesting books from my own library. One promise: Everything I suggest is available at the time of posting at amazon.com--or better yet at your local bookshop. You know: Think globally, buy locally!

And YOU can help. Maybe I'm the guide, but we're certainly going to walk together. So, I welcome notes from you--either in the "Contact Me" section or in the comments section. Maybe you have read a book or article you think we should include in our resouces. Maybe you'd like to add your own comments to books already noted. Maybe an image or story from a novel has gripped you. Let me--or rather let US--know.

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