Praying Together as the CRC?


I was looking for prayer support but could not find any daily prayer on a CRC site. Maybe there is. If there is, where can I find it? Sometimes I need the words because mine will not come to mind.

Our worship leader prayed this morning for a miraculous end to the Covid-19. What if all of us in the CRC would pray this at the same time? 

Hey, it is good that we do not know God's plan for us. But we could together ask, for anything. Our church has a Zoom prayer meeting every Tuesday morning. It is good to know that some of us are on our knees together and place our requests before the Lord.

What if on the same day we could all pray for the peace in your or our nation. What if we all prayed for the medical and associated staff in our hospitals. What if we all brought the orphans we know before God and ask for a blessing on them and healing and adopting and whatever they need. What if together prayed for our lost children.

What if we prayed for. . . or for . . . or for . . . on the same day? 

Is there not someone who could write a prayer for all of us to pray? Have it on a CRC website, where all of us could find it? We could read the same passage and learn from each other and our prayers would rise like a chorus before the Almighty God who can do all things.

Just a thought, 

Karin vw, Edmonton, AB

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Hi Karin, It sounds like you are very faithful in prayer - thank you!  It might interest you that we offer weekly prayers on Wednesday here!  You can subscribe and get them straight to your inbox each week!