Announcing CRC Safe Church Mini-Grants 2018


CRC Safe Church Ministry is offering mini-grants, of up to $2,000 each, to safe church team members, for planning educational or team training events that fit within our mission of equipping congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

Safe Church depends on YOU, our faithful volunteers who are passionate about Safe Church ministry. This mini-grant opportunity will allow you, as an event planner, to receive a stipend for your work —  up to $500. And it will offer an additional amount, up to $1,500, to help pay for presenter fees, travel, lodging and materials needed for an event. In addition, Safe Church Ministry will be available for consultation to help ensure that your event is as successful as possible.

Rather than an event, the $1,500 may be used by a classis to establish a Safe Church Classis Coordinator position. Contact Safe Church Ministry directly if you are interested in this option. All applications are due by February 1, 2018. You will receive notification of approval on or before February 5. Projects must be completed within the calendar year 2018, with events held preferably in the spring. (Our Biennial conference in Grand Rapids is Sept. 20-22)

Funds will be distributed as reimbursement as soon as possible after an event has taken place. A signed contract with each speaker or presenter, and receipts for all expenses, are required for distribution of funds. Therefore, you will need to work with an individual, a church, or a classis that is willing to fund the event up front. Then the mini-grant funds will be distributed as a reimbursement to the funder. All mini-grant applications will be selected for approval at the sole discretion of the Safe Church Ministry staff.

Events most likely to receive mini-grants will possess:

  1. An event planner that has demonstrated experience with safe church ministry and/or planning events, and is willing to work hard to promote the event and follow through with necessary details.
  2. Evidence of support from local and regional collaborators, such as congregations, pastors, ministry leaders, and/or organizations in the field of abuse prevention and response.
  3. Use of known and respected presenters, including those recommended by CRC Safe Church Ministry (see Appendix A); and/or events that include training in the Advisory Panel Process (APP).
  4. A theme or purpose for the event that fits well with the mission of the CRC and of Safe Church Ministry as an integral part of that mission, and also meets identified needs in the community where the event will be held. This includes seed money to set up a Safe Church Classis Coordinator position, with the hopes that each classis would value the work of the position and fund it going forward.

The Application will Request the Following Information:

  • Name of Event Coordinator; Address; Phone; Email; Church and Classis

  • Title and Description of Event (Please limit to a paragraph or two)

  • Host Site – Please include address

  • Collaborative Partners – Please include the nature of each partnership in a sentence or two

  • Name(s) of Presenter(s) – Please include title if applicable and organization represented

  • Estimated Overall Budget – Specific Costs to be Covered by Mini-grant Funds may include: presenter fee; presenter travel, lodging and meals; materials; food; planner stipend; other expenses as approved ahead of time by Safe Church staff. Please fill out the application form here if you plan to use Safe Church mini-grant funds for an event. If you would like to use mini-grant funds to establish a Safe Church Classis Coordinator position, please contact Safe Church Ministry directly at Thank you!


A few ideas: 

American Bible Society Trauma Healing – Dana Ergenbright – Funds may also be used to send a small group of people to a Trauma Healing equipping event being hosted in another place – Contact Safe Church for additional details.

Dove’s Nest – Anna Groff – (Circle of Grace or Child Sexual Abuse)

GRACE – Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment –

Hope of Survivors – Samantha Nelson –

Mennonite Central Committee (Canada) – (Circle of Grace or other topic)

Plan to Protect – Melodie Bissell – (Policy)

Protect Young Eyes – Chris McKenna – (Pornography and its effect on children, tools to keep safe on the internet)

Samaritan SafeChurch – Linda Crockett – (Child Sexual Abuse, Survivors and Allies as Leaders, Creating Safe Spaces, etc)

Shalem Mental Health Network – Anne Martin – (Restorative Practices and Circles)

Local Organizations – Such as domestic violence shelters, child protective service agencies, rape crisis centers, offices on aging, etc – It’s great to get connected to your community!

APP Training – This is a 6-hour training in the Advisory Panel Process led by Safe Church staff or selected safe church team members

Establishing a Safe Church Classis Coordinator Position – Contact Safe Church Ministry directly if this is the option you would like to choose for your Safe Church mini-grant. Let’s Talk!

Contact us by leaving a comment below. We can help you explore other options and answer your questions. 

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