Are there individual insurance plans for leaders with guidelines for "safe" pastoring?


I am often involved with churches that do not have a Safe Church policy in place.  In some cases I have been working with a team to help produce this.  I am wondering what pastors or leaders do if they are called to a church and plan to help create a policy.  Are there individual insurance plans for leaders with guidelines for "safe" pastoring?

Any information would be appreciated.



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The Safe Church Website ( has some sample policies that can be used as a template for creating a policy for a church. The book, by Beth Swagman, published by Faith Alive, "Preventing Child Abuse, creating a safe place" is a comprehensive guide for formulating church policy for working with children and youth. Some of the guidelines for youth can be applied in pastoral situations. Pastors hold a unique place of trust and also a unique position of power, including spiritual power. Extra care must be taken to guard the relationship between the pastor and church member to maintain a healthy relationship that honors the Lord. Guidelines should be maintained for the protection of the pastor against any false allegations, as well as protecting those in the congregation. One on one situations are especially vulnerable and must be protected with very specific guidelines. Most churches have insurance policies that include pastors, staff and other volunteers. Insurance carriers can be good sources of information. They are trained to think about various possibilities and about ensuring the safety of those covered, they may be able to suggest guidelines as well. 

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