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Bad news never announces that it is coming.  Bam...just like that....it's there.  I've been occupying the office of Safe Church Ministry for 15 years. I've gone from knowing a handful of pastors to a substantial group of pastors I consider my colleagues or friends.  We've been through some significant church "storms" together, sat across from each other at lengthy meetings, or shared a hurried meal at synod before returning to our work.  So I feel a huge kick when I receive a call or an email that announces a colleague or friend has being accused of misconduct.  Just like that....I've had no chance to prepare or get psychologically ready.  I've had no chance to prepare my inner defenses or to shore up my mental state weakened by jet lag or a personal crisis.  Even my spiritual reservoir seems suddenly low.  Why is there no air at this altitude?!  

Turning over the timing of bad news to my gentle Jesus has been a slow journey.  I'm moving from "whose minding the store?" to "He's minding the store" to "He's minding my store".  If the bad news strikes regarding a friend of yours, I don't know how to help you feel prepared.  The timing isn't about you; it's about God's plan and where you fit in it at that time.  He's minding all the stores....

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Thank you for the good reminder.  God is indeed at the helm and thankfully coping with shock/pain/betrayal  does not only depend on our abilities and strength.